If you are new to World of Warcraft and have just purchased the Battle of Azroth, you will have access to the so-called 110 boost token (instant character leveling service), which can be used for any character you have created. The advantage of this service is that it allows you to skip all the adventures of previous expansions and enjoy the current, relevant expansion. However, the question still arises: is it worthwhile to continue to independently achieve the subsequent increase in level or to entrust this matter to professionals?

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If you want to get interesting quests quickly

In order not to spend dozens of hours on elementary tasks to raise the level of your character, you can get by with a small life hack – WoW boosts. For a little reward, professionals will be able to raise the level of the hero in such a time period in which you yourself would not be able to do it. Only you need to contact trusted platforms to avoid fraudulent actions.

If you want to do it yourself

But at the same time, you risk missing out on 14 years of World of Warcraft history, along with its quests and locations, through which you watch your character grow from level 1 to a great hero of Azeroth. We would advise you to first try playing a trial level 110 for several different classes that you liked the most (this opportunity is provided for free), and then choose one for boosting.

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Play this character for a while, try out the new expansion, and when you feel like you’re enjoying the game, create a new character and level him up the good old fashioned way from scratch. That way you’ll get the full experience, which is definitely worth it.