One of the most common questions is how to find the IP address of your printer. If you know the IP address, you will be able to set up your computer to be able to print from your printer. You can also use a display or buttons on your printer to do this.


If you are setting up your HP printer with DHCP, you’ll want to ensure you know the IP address for your device. These are unique to each printer. The IP address is what allows your computer to send print jobs to the correct printer.

To find the IP address, first make sure the printer is connected to the network. If it’s not, you’ll need to plug it in. You may also want to check the settings of your router.

Your printer’s IP address can be found in the “Network Configuration” or “Web Services” section of the printer’s “Setup” menu. It’s also available in the “Devices and Printers” section of the Control Panel.

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Once you know the IP address for your printer, you’ll be able to change it. This can be done by logging into the DHCP server.


If you have a printer that uses BOOTP to configure TCP/IP settings, then you can find the IP address of your printer in the network setup page. You can then enter this IP address into your DHCP server, or you can configure it manually.

In order to find the IP address of your printer, you will need to open the control panel of your printer and navigate to the Network Setup page. This page shows you the MAC address, gateway address, subnet mask, and other network settings of your printer.

The MAC address is a three-digit number like 00:00:C6:00:3C:7F. It is a type of address that is used in Ethernet networks. Your router will place this interface IP address into the “giaddr” field.

When your printer is connected to your network, it will use its default gateway IP address. If your printer is configured for DHCP, you will need to consult your network administrator to re-set it to the correct address.


Finding the HP printer IP address is necessary in the setting up process. This will enable you to connect your printer to the local network and the internet. Using the IP address will also help you troubleshoot issues with your printer.

To find the printer IP address, you can either do it manually or with the help of software. Printers use IP addresses to identify themselves and to send commands to them. You can find the printer’s IP address by using a web browser, a command prompt, or your router.

If you are running Windows, you can use the Start menu to open the Devices and Printers menu. From there, you can select a printer and click Properties. A window will pop up showing you the printer’s properties. In the right hand column, you’ll see a box titled Location. Click this to reveal your printer’s IP address.

WakeOnLan or Bonjour Browser

If you’re having trouble connecting your HP printer to your network, you can use WakeOnLan or Bonjour Browser to find the IP address. Then, you can set up your printer from your mobile device.

Regardless of whether you’re on a Mac or Windows, you can use the same method to find the IP address of a printer. In addition, you can use the IP address to ping it remotely.

You can also open the HP Smart app to find the IP of your printer. Alternatively, you can open the Printer Information page in the Network Configuration section of the printer’s settings.

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Depending on your printer’s model, you may have to enter the IP manually. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Upon connecting, the Wireless Setup Wizard will display a list of networks. Select the one you want to connect to. Next, you’ll be asked to choose a password for the Wi-Fi connection.

Using a display and buttons on the printer

If you are setting up your HP printer, you may need to find its IP address. Most printers have a display and buttons that make this task easier. However, if your printer does not have such features, you will need to do some extra steps. The IP address of a printer is a 12 digit number that identifies the device to a network. You can find this number by checking your computer’s settings or the label on the printer itself.

To find the printer’s IP address, you need to first connect the printer to the local network. Connect the printer to the wireless network using the router or access point. After that, enter the Wi-Fi password. Turn the printer on and off. Next, wait for the demo page to print. Once it is done, use the Control Panel to find the printer’s IP address.