If you want to transfer data from your Xbox 360 to your Xbox one, you should know that you can do so using a USB cable. This is a great option because it allows you to transfer data from your computer to your console without having to spend any money. It’s also a good option because it’s fast. In fact, transferring data from your Xbox 360 to your Xbox one can take only a few minutes.


If you’ve got an Xbox One and you want to transfer your Xbox 360 games and save data to it, you can do so. There are two ways you can do this, though. The first is to copy them to an external hard drive, and the second is to upload them to the cloud. To get the most out of the latter, you’ll need to have an active Xbox Live account.

You can do this by connecting your Xbox 360 to your new console via USB. After that, you’ll need to format the external drive. For this, you can use a tool such as MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Once you’ve finished formatting the drive, you’ll need to select which games you want to transfer. Select the one you’re most interested in, and then select “Cloud Saved Games” to begin the transfer. This will save the game to the cloud, where it’ll be available on the new console.

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If you want to move your Xbox games, saves, and accounts from your Xbox 360 to your new Xbox One, there are a few steps to follow. Transferring data between your old console and your new one requires a transfer cable, a USB flash drive, and a destination console. You may also be able to use Microsoft’s online cloud storage to transfer your content.

Before you start the transfer process, you must ensure your old console is off. Connect the new console to your Xbox network. Next, plug in the USB flash drive to the front USB port on your Xbox.

Once your Xbox is connected, select Storage. From there, you can choose your profile, apps, and general settings. This includes preferences, themes, and cloud saves.

When the Xbox 360 is connected to Xbox Live, it will automatically backup your game saves. However, you must have an active Xbox Live profile.


If you want to transfer data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, you need to make sure you have a working Xbox Live account. You also need to back up your cloud storage console copy. There are a few different options for transferring data.

You can transfer game saves and files, general settings, and avatar items. The transfer process is simple. However, it is crucial to remember that saves are not always transferable. Some games require starting over on the new console.

When you’re ready to start the process, you need to insert a USB drive into the front USB slot of the console. This flash drive should be at least four gigabytes in size. It’s important that it contains all of your important information.

Next, you’ll need to create a new Xbox Live profile. You can do this for free. Once your profile is set up, you can transfer your saved games to your new console.

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Network transfer

If you are using an Xbox 360 and would like to transfer content to your new Xbox One, you can do so by connecting your old console to your new one via a USB transfer cable. This is a great way to move your save data to your new device. However, this method also requires that you have an active Xbox Live profile.

To get started, you will need a USB drive and a USB transfer cable. Make sure that the drive is at least 4GB in size and that it is formatted to work with your Xbox 360.

First, you will need to turn on your Xbox 360. Next, you will need to connect your USB drive to your Xbox 360. Once you have done this, you will need to open your Xbox’s dashboard.

You will then want to navigate to the system settings menu. You will want to select the Storage and Backup & Transfer options.