There are several ways that you can get music into your Facebook story. You can change the color of your story, add music stickers and even share your own music. But how do you do this?

Create a music-only Facebook Story

When you create a Facebook Story, you can put music in the background of your photos. This option can be useful if you’re partying or on vacation. You can also use it to announce new releases or collabs.

Facebook has tons of songs to choose from. You can find these in their library or you can search for them. Once you have found a song you want to add, you can use it to accompany your photo or video. It’s a great way to get people interested in your profile.

In addition to putting music in the background of your pictures, you can also add other elements to your story. This includes a poll, stickers, and discussion threads. There are also options to change the color of your background. If you’re a YouTube user, you can even change the video’s colors.

For more complex customization, you can add music, videos, and images to your story. You can also tweak your posts by adding effects, changing the font and adding graphics.

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Share your own music

Adding music to your Facebook story is a great way to enhance your post. When you share your own music to your story, it becomes visible in your News Feed and in the Stories section of your Profile. It also gives you a chance to learn more about your favorite musicians.

You can add music to your post by clicking the “+” symbol. Music can be uploaded from your desktop or mobile device. After selecting the song or video, you can adjust its size, layout, and position. The lyrics of the song can also be added.

When you select a song, you can search for it using the search bar or browse by genre, album, and artist. The song’s cover art will appear on the screen. Afterward, you can tap Done to complete the process.

To edit your song, you can use the effects icon. Some of these include font options, colors, and a filter. You can also change the orientation and size of your sticker.

Add music stickers

Music stickers are a great way to add to your Facebook story. They can be used to announce the release of a new song, or simply give your favorite artist a boost. You can even use them to show off your love for a collab.

Music stickers are just one of the features that Facebook has added to the app. There are a number of other cool features you can enjoy, such as the ability to add photos and videos to your profile, or share songs via the music app.

The Facebook app is constantly rolling out new features. Currently, you can add music stickers to your profile, create a music story, and use the app to find and share your favorite songs. However, it does require an updated version of the Facebook app.

Adding a music sticker to your story is easy. First, take a picture or video. Next, select the song you want to play in your story.

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Change the color of a fb story

If you’re looking to customize your Facebook Story with music, you can do so by adding a music sticker. This includes changing the background color, font size, and position. In addition, you can add lyrics to your story.

Adding music to your Facebook Story can draw attention and increase the interaction between you and your audience. In fact, ads with music tend to do better than those without.

To begin creating your story, you’ll need to select a video or photo. You can also add stickers, emojis, and polls. When creating a story, you’ll need to choose whether the story will be public or private. It will then appear on the home screens of your friends.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to include the song’s lyrics. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to read the lyrics aloud. Also, you can adjust the font, font style, and font size.

For a desktop user, you can access your Facebook settings by pressing the cog wheel. Alternatively, you can click your profile picture, which will take you to your personal settings.