In order to have information about the state of affairs in the market, many business leaders initiate surveys. These activities are necessary for the successful operation of the company. They make it possible to react promptly to the market situation and coordinate the strategy of development and operation of the enterprise in time.

Note that customer surveys cannot be conducted randomly. This process requires a competent and thoughtful approach. Survey maker will help you in this difficult task.

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Why conduct a survey?

Every day an entrepreneur has to answer a lot of questions coming from clients or arising in connection with doing business:

  • For what purpose do users visit a website or store?
  • What problem is bothering them?
  • Could they solve it?
  • Were consumers satisfied with their purchase?
  • What is the reason for the departure of customers?

To find out the needs of users, marketing research is conducted, but it is available only to large companies, and small and medium-sized businesses cannot do it. Therefore, its representatives initiate customer surveys.

How to evaluate the survey results?

To evaluate the results of surveys, various indicators and special indexes are calculated, which have certain norms that allow the data to be interpreted correctly. For example, such indicators as response and completion rate are important.

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There are limits of acceptable values for each index. However, they are not constant and depend on various factors — the type of market, geography of activity, characteristics of the target audience and others. Based on the results of surveys, it is possible to identify opportunities for the development of a product or company.

There are not as many really valuable questions as it seems at first glance. Users see far-fetched, out-of-the-thumb questions and do not want to answer them. If you burden people with long aimless questionnaires, customer surveys will only harm your reputation and business. It is better to contact professionals in the field of conducting surveys.