Nokias confirmed the Android 10 update for most of its phones (state up to date on the latest graphics cards such RX 570 8gb Hashrate and its hiveos overclock settings for better performance ), and they even shipped many of them to devices in the past few months. If you’re waiting for the update here in 2020, we’ll take you through everything you should know right now about Nokia Android 10 updates and betas.

If you are wondering “will my Nokia phone get Android 10?” the answer is probably yes. In fact, Google’s latest software is coming to almost every Nokia phone released so far. These include Nokia PureView, Nokia 7.1, 6.1 and Nokia 8, to name a few. Nokia is one of several manufacturers that joined Google in the Android Q Dev Preview, meaning they had a head start on updates.

Nokia First Release Android 9 Pie

In fact, Nokia was one of the first to release Android 9 Pie to users, and they actually updated every single device they offer to Pie. That’s a good start for a rebrand that’s only two years old, and we’re already seeing the same fast pace for Nokia Android 10 updates.

You will love the improved battery life, smart features and everything else that comes with this new software. And now we have a full Nokia Android 10 update roadmap and a schedule from the company itself. We’ve added some important details in the bullet point above, and the full roadmap is below for Nokia fans who can’t wait to get the update.

Right after Google released Android 10, the head of HMD Global, the company behind the return of Nokia phones, released an image similar to the one you see above, listing all the upcoming updates. It’s very refreshing to see such a transparent and clean list of what will get the update, and when. Something we wish others (like you Samsung) would follow.

On March 11, it revised the image with the one you now see above, which has three more Nokia phones getting Android 10 in the next month or two. They are the Nokia 2.3, Nokia 6.2 and the newer Nokia 7.2 phones. Basically, all these phones are getting updates faster than expected.

The official release date for Nokia Android 10 started on December 6 for the Nokia 9 Pureview, just as the company promised. Then, the following week, the Nokia 7.1 received Android 10, followed by the Nokia 8.1 to close out the year. Now, several other devices will start receiving over-the-air updates to Android 10 now that we’re officially entering a new decade and enjoying 2020.

Nokia’s first Android 10 update of 2020 is for the popular Nokia 6.1 starting on January 6. Then, only two days later on January 8 it arrived for Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and some other devices. If you don’t have it yet, go to settings and tap on the Check for updates option. We saw several coming in February, and now we’re expecting devices like the Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 to get it sometime in March.

Will my Nokia get Android 10?

Is your Nokia phone listed in the image you see above? It comes from the head of the company himself. If so, you will surely get it.

If you have one of these devices, you’ve already received it, or are right now as they’re already busy delivering all the Q1 updates to meet the deadline and keep customers happy. So far, Nokia has released updates exactly when they said they would, which bodes well for other devices on this list that will be waiting a little longer here in the new year.

Even the budget-friendly Nokia 1 Plus will get Android 10 before the end of Q1 2020, then they continue down the list.

What’s new in Android 10

Many of the new features and big changes in Android 10 are specific to the Google Pixel. That said, there are dozens and dozens of great changes for all Android phones, including those from Nokia. Even their cheapest model will benefit from most of the new add-ons or software features.

Whether it’s the system-wide dark theme, improved privacy controls, Digital Wellbeing Focus Mode, better graphics, improved battery life, and more. You can expect Nokia to add its own sprinkling of new features and then add most of Google’s. The list includes.

If you’re curious about Google’s Android 10 features, we recommend checking out our walkthrough. It takes you through all the important changes.

Final thoughts

Right now, Nokia is taking over the affordable budget Android phone category. In a market previously dominated by Motorola, which updates phones extremely slowly, you can get a great Android phone from Nokia with a guarantee of fast and timely updates. It’s a big deal.

The top six phones released by HDM Global had Pie ahead of almost every other phone on the market from OnePlus, Samsung or any other competitor. And while they weren’t quite as quick to Android 10, we’re guessing most of their phones will get it before most of Samsung’s, except maybe the Galaxy S10. This means you pay less for a phone with similar features and faster updates.

Currently, you can expect monthly or bi-monthly security updates to keep coming to your Nokia phone. Keep it updated and prepare it for the inevitable Android 10 upgrade or security updates after you get it. Then stay tuned as we will update this post as each update arrives.

What’s actually next for your phone, though, is the update to Android 11 sometime later this year or early 2021. Google recently started the Android 11 Developer Preview, and we’re guessing some Nokia devices will join the beta sometime in April or May. So keep an eye out for that too.